Thursday, October 22, 2009

Well... I couldnt let go of that thought...

So we decided to move from Otherland to Fruit islands when we found the perfect place out there...  ;o)
So perfect, no lag, lots of prims, great sailing, beautiful surroundings and some really wonderful people. I even met some people I knew when I lived in the New England sims out in Nantucket, back in the "old days". It seems people are moving from Nantucket to Fruit island....

This is what our islands looked like we we found them. Totally empty without any vegetation but lying in just the perfect place.

The islands needed almost no terraforming so the minor adjustments was done rather swiftly and then we can concentrate and what we would like the place out there to be like. Even if we have the palace in the sky we need a small house done here and the proper vegetation for all the animals and birds...

Here the terraforming is done and we just have the big yacht there for sailing around among those beautiful waters and participation in all the amazing events out there.

We will move out there rather gradual as we still have the old place in Otherland and need to figure out how to plan things. There we have three different layers in the sky. The oriental palace, the photo studio in a Holodeck and the building place and Xstreet shop. Maybe there is a better way to organize all that... ;-)


  1. Congratulations!! Looks amazing! =)

  2. Welcome to Fruit Islands. We live there part-time aswell and its really great

  3. Thank you for your welcome... I am sure we will love it out there. I thought you lived in your own beautiful sim. Where is your island out here.... I might come sailing one day for a surprise visit... ;o)

  4. Oh yes Ben, I love to be with you at our island;-)
    Kiss, Marlia

  5. hehe now I could not write my name right:-))