Monday, October 12, 2009

First steps in scripting....

I started out a few weeks ago to learn about scripting. I am an experienced programmer in RL even if it was a few years ago since i did any major work. I have experience with C, C++, PHP and so on so i guess that makes the understanding a bit more easy. But LSL works a bit different and I had some problems getting the hang of it until i found some great resources. That is why I thought somebody else might be interested in them.

First of all:

This is the College of scripting, music and science.... the best starting point for learning about scripting. They have the walls full of very pedagogic and instructive screens. Look at this for example:

Be prepared that the center is huge with many floors.... Marlia bought one of the books there and has rezzed it on our building platform for easy refeerence when we are experimenting, building and scripting. So nice of her...   ;-)

I also found a few places with free and open scripts. For me it as been useful to try those scripts, try to understand them an maybe use them as a starting point for my own creations.

Free script library is maybe the best place to try.

But SL free script library is also useful. Some of the scripts are the same but some are unique.

Lastly I bought a PDF-book on Xstreet to read on all my travels. Here you find some info about it:

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