Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Exploring Fruit Island

Fruit islands is an amazing part of the sailing world in SL

This amazing tropical world consists of more than 70 connected sims. There is over 250 islands for rent and as they are rather small there is lots of free water for sailing.

Fruit islands is one of the communities that arranges the big regattas in SL and as the sim crossing often are quite smooth, it is really perfect for sailing or flying out there.

But besides all that residential areas there is also more than 30 public open places that are just waiting for exploration.

Below this wonderful lighthouse a beautiful under water world unfolds. Take the sub there if you get tired of all the swimming because the reef is enormous and continues over several sims.

So many places to explore in this amazing creation. This is from one of the secret cave, with fishing Herons and all. I just love it!

But beware of the traps if you bring your beloved like I did....   ;-)
At least if your loved one are as playful as mine is......  LOL

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