Monday, October 26, 2009

Moving.... to a new paradise and escaping misery

When real life is as miserable as it is right now for me, it is absolutely wonderful to be able to escape into the paradise we are creating for ourselves here in Tangelo. Things are really beginning to shape up and we have now done the waters and some planting.  So much fun work still needs to be done...

 Marlia bought us a new great spa instead of a normal house. I always have problems manoeuvring in small spaces so this kind of open places are perfect for me. If we want privacy we have the oriental palace in the sky.

There are so many great details in that palace, look at the frosted glass in the photo below... I am such a freak for details...   ;-)

At the moment Marlia and I are participating in the great Fairy Tale hunt. That is so much fun as you get to see so many new places and receive so many nice gifts. Marlia is miles ahead of me... on one of the places she got this great drawing table. Just perfect for her..... she is a real drawing freak.

You can see the a part of the great Spa in the background here. The amazing woman there in the foreground is truly admirable for accepting moody me and my swings.

Another view of the spa...   looks nice... huh?


  1. aaa u are working hard at the hunt!! =O We just have found one item! Tin prefers laying in the garden "relaxing" and I want company! ;)

  2. Forgot, sorry to hear RL is miserable =( But then, SL can be a saviour.... I hope u are alright soon.

  3. Thanks for your comments and concern...
    Marlia is already at target 58 or something like that in the hunt.. so I have to shape up.