Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Creating textures

When you review creations people have done it is often the textures that gives the strongest first impression. It is possible to find all kinds of free textures in world but often they don't have that punch  or uniqueness that distinguish your creation from others.

So when I set out to do my slideshow tool I was searching for nice free frames all over the place but without big success. I am sure they are there but I was not able to find them...   ;-)
(Harbingers haven , see picture above, might be a good place to look)

Instead I discovered this magnificent tool for creating unique textures from texture settings in a great library. It is a tool called Filter Forge and you can run it on both Mac and PC for creating all those marvellous textures. Of course there is a tile mode for perfect and smooth big patterns.

It is not a free program even if you can run the demo for a month... but they offer large discount all the time and I could buy the basic version for about 25 $. I really recommend this tool and so does Mr Torley Linden. (You find his demo here just search for Filter forge)

I have used this programs for creating textures for armour, roofs, floors, frames, oriental carpets, bamboo walls, tiles and so on... you get it I guess.... ;-)

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