Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The first creation for sale

I really like to learn about how things work here in SL. I needed a good viewer for all my photos so I could make slideshows and present them for others. When I didn't find what I was looking for I decided to try to make one myself... ;o)

I didn't realise how hard that would be in advance.... luckily... Two main obstacles. First to get the image on one side on a basic prim and not on all other sides and then to have it to fade smoothly into black. The second problem was to let the users make configuration without having to edit the script it self.

At last I was finished yesterday and decided to put it up on Xstreet for sale to others just to get experience form that side of SL as well. In due time we will set up a small shop at our home in Cousine just to get that experience as well....

However I doubt very strongly that anybody ever will buy this slideshow... but we sure had a alot of fun creating it... ;o)

And wait until you see Marlias chairs... they are just amazing.

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