Friday, July 23, 2010

Portrait photography... next episodes in the HiQ photography series

I really love to take photos in SL and to try to make them look as good as possible. There are some easy things to learn how to improve the quality of your photos. If you haven't read our old articles about high quality photography you find the links here to the left.

I mostly do landscapes and try to document the places I like the most in here. In future articles I will try to dig into how to make as good landscape photos as possible but before that I will dig into my favourite object for my photography passion.... portraits. Below you can see a few example of some of my portraits and in the upcoming article I will try to explain my best tips to be successful in making nice portraits in SL.

I have received a few IM:s with practical questions about photography and machinima in SL and I will write a special article were I try to answer those. But please don't hesitate to ask questions in world, by IM or email or in the comments here....

Happy snappings...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Relay for Life... about doing good in Second Life

Right now there is an ongoing mission in Second Life called "Relay for Life". It is about raising money for the research in cancer treatment. Real life in Second Life! So great!

And the sailing community is of course also involved in this and that makes me a bit proud. Right now there are biding going on for a beta-version of the new upcoming version of the ACA33. But you can also bid on lots of other interesting stuff as well and all the money will of course be donated.

Please go there and support this:

Relay for Life has all kind of interesting things on a number of Sims there. This evening there will be fireworks at 10 AM... This is truly a very impressive effort, please go there and explore and we hope you would like to contribute to this.

Look at the map below and observe the incredible amount of visitors at the same time... how wonderful. You just don't want to miss this..