Wednesday, October 14, 2009

HiQ photography in SL, Part 5: Environment settings

In the three earlier parts I have tried to describe the things in a photo you can affect with settings in the SL client or in the afterwork in Photoshop. But sometimes you can also change the condition for a photo to make it look better.

1. The aspect, view of angle, composition are traditional photographic subjects that you can read about in any book or web site about photography. I will in a later post try to spread some lights over the SL specific things here.

2. Environment, lightning and so on. There are two different aspects to this. First you can add artificial lightning with lamps and other lightsources in world. The next post will cover that and some neat tools for making better portraits.

But now i will try to show how you can affect a photo by using the environment editor i the SL client. Have a look at the photo below:

It is a nice photo of an octopus from the great underwater world in the Fruit sims. However you cant se much of the surroundings because of the light of that time of SL day. That is an easy fix..  ;-).

Just bring up the environment editor in your SL client. Use the World menu -> Environment -> Environment editor, and you get the little windows in the top of these images.

The top left slider just changes the time of day. Just try to drag it and adjust so you get the right color and direction of light. In this example I also changed the Water fog slider to the lower right side of the window and the Water color. Just experiment until you get the right impression for your purpose.

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