Thursday, October 8, 2009

Portraits is one of my favourite things...

Well you know by now that I like taking photos in SL. The natural creations of landscapes, water, birds and flowers are one of my main objects, but I cant deny that portraits is a real passion too.

Marlia is my favourite model of course... it is impossible to fail with a portrait of her. In an upcoming post here I will try to explain how I take a photo like this, what inworld tools I have used and how I did the after work in Photoshop on this portrait of this amazingly beautiful woman. I am so happy she choose to be with me here!

But I also want to show some other portraits I have done in the past, as we plan to open a photo studio and do portraits as a job in SL. Both Marlia and I like this very much but it is just for fun and learning about that kind of things too  ;-)

You can also see in this series of photos that my techniques has improved during these months.
The newest photos on top and then they get older further down the page.

If you want me to take your portrait just contact me inworld and I will be happy to try my best....



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