Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Songs from the woods... where I live

I had a long trainride back home tonight and I spent most on the time on Youtube....  ;o)
I cant keep this clip from you from one of my favourite bands. I have played in band most of my life and cheated on lots of different instruments, so I know a bit about how hard this piece is to handle...

I really love this album "Songs from the Woods" and this is maybe not the best song from it... but I cant help admiring the talent and the skill of these incredible musicians on display here. 

Hmm.. now I got an idea... I get back to that in the morning... I really need a good nights sleep. While waiting for that.... think about the tunes that has been most important for you, not necessary the best ones, but the most important ones in your life.

Hmmm, maybe I need to balance that old stuff with some more modern things... with Gordian Knot.

If you think it is a bit hard at the beginning please just wait... this music is full of contrasts, emotions, panic, romance, hysteria and just fantastic music...

This music is perfect form me in my current chaotic condition... one moment relaxed and in harmony and the next in total panic.

Well no photage here so you just better close your eyes and turn up the volume.... kisses


  1. From caos creativity is born maybee? Try to think like that when things get out of hand.... hugs!

  2. aaaa "chaos", sorry to early in the morning ;)

  3. ah great; I love this kind of full of emotions; and I love to dance to such music...chaos and release can let go everything for a while and only be your emotions and your body but also in your mind and soul.
    A bit like dancing to the 5 rhythms from Gabrielle Roth.
    Thx for sharing this, kiss