Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dont miss this oportunity to get the best sl sailboat for 1 Linden!!!

At the Tradewind sim   there is a big exhibition right now for seaplanes. The big opening was yesterday on November 21 and the show will go on for further two weeks.

Even if you don't fancy aircraft's there is a huge point in getting there as fast as possible. The big catch there is that you can get the amazing Flying Fizz dingie for just 1 Linden dollar there. Please do that as soon as possible and do also get some Fizz keys (you will find them in the small shop there) for also 1 Linden there... I will explain why really soon.... just read on.

The Flying Fizz is one of the most popular sailing dingies in SL and behaves very realistic. You can sail it in different modes from "Fun mode", "Novice mode", "competition mode" all the way up to "Expert mode" so it is perfect for learning advanced sailing in SL.

Every week there are a number of Fizz races around the different sailing sims in SL and world championships are arranged.

Home in Tangelo we have set up a practice racetrack for us to practice, learn the rules and learn how to handle the Fizz in easy going circumstances. We will invite those of you who are interested in learning more about sailing in SL...  to come and learn in your own pace and get ready for friendly races with us.

Later maybe we can compete in the weekly races.

Hmmm... well now is the time to introduce the long term big plan.....  ;o)
If enough people are interested and gets to a certain skill level within time..... maybe... maybe

maybe we can put together an entry for making a challenge of the Americas Cup in 2010. I also hope to put together a Team for the J-class competitions with those wonderful big wooden yachts.

But one step at the time so lets start with the Flying Fizz!   So...  anybody interested?

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  1. aaa how exciting!! I´ll se if it´s still there when i log in later today =)

    Nice plans u have! =)