Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sailing in Fruit Islands

I am on the train at the moment and as the bandwidth is rather low I cant do anything more useful then to write another post here....   ;o)

Sailing is one of the great things I enjoy in SL. OK... I have to many boats and yachts I admit that. Most of them are nothing to write home about, but the masterpieces from Trudeau Yacht or the more fantastic.

The creator is Jacqueline Trudeau and she has a wonderful blog at http://trudeauyachts.wordpress.com/ go there and read more about her amazing creations. I have two of them the Trudeau Twenty that is very easy to use as it is below the magic limit of 31 prims. This is what she writes about this in the Q&A section of her blog:

Q: Ride??? Attach??? What’s the deal with all these parts? Why can’t I just rez a boat, climb in and sail it?
A: Currently SL limits physics enabled objects, like vehicles, to a maximum of 31 linked prims. On top of that, each riding avatar counts as one linked prim so that pretty much limits the detail a modeler is able to put into their vehicle. However, prims that are worn by an avatar do not count against that limit. So we made the vehicle part (including the scripts, sails and avatar riding positions) of the boat well under 31 prims and the appearance part well over. Just think of that part of the boat like any other avatar attachment, such as shoes or prim hair. If you really just want a one piece vehicle, we make and sell those as well.

Here Marlia is doing her first tour at the rudder in our Trudeau Twenty. Just by the motor on the first tour to get a feeling for whats happening. The sails can be the next step. You can let anybody be the skipper and change a lot of settings by command, a hud or by editing a notecard. Just read the instruction notecard, wear the hud and sit at the rudder and of you go. The finer details you can learn as you go....   ;o)

We also have the much bigger Trudeau Trucordia that is 217 prims. It is more complicated to use as you have too wear one part and sit on the other part because of that 31-prim limit. It is a really beautiful yacht but I find that I tend to use the smaller one because of that problem. There are some yachts in between in size but still below that limit and I think I will get one of those in due time.

Out here in the archipelago of Fruit Islands they have regular free sailing courses for total newbies every week. So it is very easy to get over the first steep steps out here. New is also the Mango Yacht club that is arranging competitions and regattas.

Just a while ago the big J-Classic competition was in Fruit Islands for a regatta. So great!

There are all kinds of sailing competitions in SL and for very different boat types and I will cover that in a future post here as a plan a small series of posts about sailing in SL.

Totally exhausted after the first attempt....   Nice to relax in the wonderful waters of Tangelo  ;o)

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