Monday, November 16, 2009

Sailing: Part 2

In the first sailing post I showed two boats from Trudeau and I must point out that there are so many different kinds of sailing dingies and yachts here in SL. One favourite for many are the Flying Fizz 3, because of the very realistic sailing experience with it.

You dont need a hud for sailing this as you can see on the photo above. The round instrument in the middle of the dingie is all you need. There you can see wind direction and speed. This is an extremely fun boat to sail and as it very weak you have to balance it with your body weight.

The trick is to sail it as upright as possible to get maximum speed. But you better be careful or...

it might end in a bath that you had not planned for. Great animations for that to though!

If you both put you weight on the centerboard you might be able to fix the situation.

If you want to try a demo of the Fizz 3 or even buy it, the builder Mothgirl is just selling through other channels and the one she recommends is Starboards shopping mall in Hollywood sailing sims.

On good thing about the Fizz is that you can start at a newbie level and work your way up to competition level but setting the boats different mods. Two days ago Marlia had never held in a rudder now she is the skipper when we are sailing together, thanks to the Fizz.

Another great thing with the Fizz 3 is that you can adopt the look to your own taste. So of course my dingie have a bird motif on the genacker sail.

Well, I think my love got inspired a bit.... but maybe let the it all go overboard..... juust a tiiiiny little bit. ROFL!!!

She argues that she will win the races because either the competition will be hanging over board throwing up or they will laugh to death. LOL 

Yes, I know she is just teasing me...  (look at the genacker here) and if that was not enough that crazy woman really took the full step into madness....   I just love her!

What can I say... she is at least not a coward.. LOL

Later that night we went dancing at the Icehotel with Jesper and Ewa. Marlia was persistent and arrived like this and strangely enough they started talking to us.

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