Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So... the new angle... my first post on shoes.

A few days ago I wrote:

"Well now I think I will quit writing about the snobbish cultural side of it all...  and start writing about..... looks, clothes, sex, shallow behaviour, intrigues, parties, tattoos and... and ... shoes?... SIGH.
Stupid, silly me.....  ROFL"

So now is time for my first post about shoes.

Well maybe not the kind of shoes you though I would write about but I really like the detailed work at display here. Look at the engravement on the metal buttons, the stitches, the leather on the heels and beautiful folds. This is really supreme craftsmanship in SL.... how great!

This is the newest person on my friendslist.... Lemondrop! Yes, it is her shoes and tomorrow I will show you the incredible Sim she and her friend has created. If you also liked the shoes, just hold your breath!

1 comment:

  1. ROFL...you did it.
    Yes, that is an incredible sim. I just love it there:-)