Sunday, February 14, 2010

Art galleries in Second Life

This is a totally new experience... to look at art galleries. And it will keep you busy for a a while... the present number is 668 different galleries...   ;o)

Here are just a few to get you started...

Freedom House of Arts - Gallery  

 Feathers Bay - Gallery

Avalon Art District

Lawst Oaradise

Pygmalion Art Glass Sculpture Garden
You need to go here to get some kind of overview:

Well now I think I will quit writing about the snobbish cultural side of it all...  and start writing about..... looks, clothes, sex, shallow behaviour, intrigues, parties, tattoos and... and ... shoes?... SIGH.
Stupid, silly me.....  ROFL


  1. hehe, sure Ben - you will write about the shallow "life art" in SL - rofl.
    We still have a lot of galleries to look at:-)
    Btw. thank you so much for showing my photos at your blog;-)

  2. Hehe... you know me too well.... ;-)