Friday, February 12, 2010

Art in Second Life

A few weeks ago we opened up our first exhibition here in Second Life. The response has been overwhelming and so many nice people here have said so many nice things....

One tips was to join the group of Art Galleries in SL... what a great tip!

There are nearly 700 galleries in the group and you can even get a HUD to easy navigate among them. On the creators webpage there are different ways to find the ones that may interest you.

So much fun to TP around and experience the incredible creativity in here:

The creator of this group also has a great blog where you can follow the art scene in SL.

In just a few weeks our gallery has established itself rather well in that group. The current exhibition will go on for a few more weeks. Please come and have a look and dont forget to vote for it if you like what you see:

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