Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Americas Cup in Second Life

Americas Cup in Second Life!! Yes, you read correctly... about the same time the event is ongoing in real life in Valencia in Spain ( there will also be an 33:rd Americas Cup in SL on two saturdays on January 30 and February 6 in the Pacific start line close to Santa Barbara in the Blake sea.

Read more about the event here 

Today (January 20) there are 39 ACA33 yachts registered for the event and that must be some kind of record in SL. Yes, you guessed right, of course am I one of the 39.

Initially I had planned to start a Swedish challenge as Sweden had a number of yacht competing in last few RL Americas Cup.  I made some clumsy attempts to find some interest for that in the Swedish community, but as I failed I decided to go with the Mango yacht club in Fruit Islands instead. The beautiful sails Isis made for us was the final deciding factor....   ;o)

The registration is still open for a few more days if you are interested......

Close to the start line you will also find the Sailing Academy where you can learn all the rules and finer details about sailing competitions in SL. Fantastic useful place....

In the different halls there you will find pedagogic sideshows that explains the different aspects of sailing competitions.

Bea Woodgets has also written some amazing articles on the slsailing site about using the winds and finding the optimal course when racing in SL: 

and then adopting the theory to one of the competition courses in the ACA33 2010 Trophy:

Whenever I go to the startline now, there are lots of ACA33 yacht swarming the  place looking to find the perfect way to do those courses in the fastes way possible. So much fun!

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