Friday, January 22, 2010

My first commersial sculptie!!

During the last few months I have been trying hard to learn to build and script. I have been trying all kinds of tools and also mad some things for sale on Xstreet... no big hit yet I can tell you...  LOL.

I have been nosing around that sculptie things for some times and tried some of the tools out there. Both for use in world and of line tools like Blender, SculptiePaint and so on. Then I stumbled upon this amazing tool that made some sculpted prim creations incredible easy. My first atempt was to replace the old bridge I made in traditional building technique with a sculptie one. I am so pleased with the result that i have decided tp put it up for sale.

Here you have it in the proper place at home. It is 3 segments about 10 meters long each of them. With normal building technique this bridge demanded 29 prims for each section. That is  if the wooden floor consists of planks and not just a board with a plank texture and that looks really awful.

Now each section consists of only 2 prims (in opensim it could have been just 1 prim but the way Second life treats sculpties until now make it necessary to use a ghost prim). So instead of 87 prims this bridge is now 6 prims... Wow!!!

On the image above you can see that it is real (well virtual real) planks and that you see through like you do in real life. I have also made the texture for the bridge... more on that another day.

Now the million dollar question is what tool did I use for creating this? This is the cliffhanger and the answer will be in my next blog post.

So now I will start selling this with copy rights... and hope that this will be my breakthrough on Xstreet...   ;o)    (Ohhhh yes... you can call me naive)


  1. oh nice i love low prim stuff!! =) But sculptie is difficult to get the texture look good i think. Maybee u must do texture before upload to SL?

  2. I made this texture in and off world program and uploaded it separately from the sculptie texture map.

    There are some things to think of when applying textures to sculpties and you should have those in mind already when you plan the sculptie. So I did some fiddling with the texture settings before it looked good, but I am very please with how it looks inside Second life.... in fact much better than on the photos here.

  3. I think next for me will be a small house made of a few sculpies. It is probably possible to make a small hut like that on the photos above in just very few prims. I really like that challenge... ;o)