Saturday, December 19, 2009

My first Machinima film!

I have been wanting to try this for a long time and today I suddenly found the time.
I have read all that Torley wrote about Machinima and I have searched the web for proper information, more on that later. Well... here is my first try...

I used a Macbook Pro and as most instructions on the web are for Windows I will provide some here for useful information.

 Machinima great tips

Using the Mac for Machinima

I used ultra resolution and was mostly in Mouselook...
However there are some interesting tools that I will examine later, and comment on them here. For example this tool looks great:

For now I used the Snapz Pro demo for the capturing and Imovie (included with every Mac) for the editing and posting on YouTube.  This short film is edited from maybe 10 min in four different clips.

Well... this is my first try.... so be nice to me... will you..  ;o)


  1. Wow this looks great Byron, you see I have a stage and doing concerts for over two years now, the past six months I do only live artists and I wish I knew how to record the concerts (visual and sound). But this will be a big help, thx so much... guess I will have some reading to do now:-)