Thursday, December 3, 2009

Those of you that read my post this Monday is probably dying of curiosity on how to find this Smilla place. Well, just read on and you will discover that a bit further down.... and show some neat photos from that amazing place.

It was my friend Eta (from Poland) that introduced me to these people and for a period of my second life I was totally absorbed with what was going on in there. If it wasn't the art exhibition it might be a flying circus at high altitude or the the wonderful turtles in the incredible underwater world or a new film in the Star Trek cinema in the sky. It was definitely the most beautiful creation I had seen so far. Every day something new to explore and to learn from.

Coolzor (from Belgium) was the builder and Immersive (from UK) the scripter while Lena (from Switzerland and on the photo above) held an observant eye over the whole creation and was the final judge of what to be. When they had the photo competition the sim was fludded with people all day.  One day Cool would introduce me to the holodeck principle and the next day Immy was scripting the elevators. I learned so much in those magic months....

Smilla is still there for you to enjoy, but now mostly empty of people. Dont miss the two tours and dont miss the underwater life. But I am a bit concerned for how long it will be here so please go there now and be amazed of all beauty and the incredible attention to details. Sometimes I miss the intensity of that period in my second life and i hope to find it somewhere else...

Because THAT i do know! It is out there somewhere so I really need to explore more and get to know more people from all over.

I have posted some of my photos of Smilla from that period here. Even if my SL photographic skills have improved a bit since those early days... I still find it hard to find better motifs than in this beautiful gem.

Recently Coolzor and I had a chat late in the evening and somehow I think I could spot that he misses that period too... who knows maybe there will be a new project like this unique one some day to come...  ;-)  

Ohhh... I almost forgot... LOL


  1. You're right, I do miss a lot of things :-) Thanks for writing this! It's great to see people enjoy what has been created. That's the best gift there is! See you around!

  2. We have to go there again:-)